Manuela is a professional international dance instructor and choreographer,
second kuduro and afro-house teacher in Poland.
Creator of (A)Frowless – a Youtube channel oriented towards her lifestyle and being a mixed-race – Polish & Angolan – woman.
Commercial performer and model.
Her dance classes can be found on the festivals around the world – the USA (New Orleans, Orlando), Australia (Perth), France (Strasbourg), Italy (Bologna), Finland (Helsinki) and more.
She has worked with numerous artists in both Poland and Lisbon where she stayed in
2017-18, performing on stage, in videoclips and TV commercials. Among her works there can be distinguished such as:

VIDEOCLIPS: Mallu Magalhães, Kaysha, Djodje, Pupilos do Kuduro and more.
COMMERCIALS: Sumol, RTP África, Super Bock, Galaxy UK, Intermarche Portugal and more.
PERFORMANCES: Electra Show by Blaya and Jazzy Dance Studios Portugal, Wielki Mecz TVN along with Patricia Kazadi by Mulemba, Africa Day in Budapest by Mulemba and more.


Polish-Angolan dancer and choreographer, the second kuduro and afro-house instructor in Poland and the first person to write a scientific work about kuduro (Kuduro. An Attempt to Characterise the Phenomenon Basing on the Perspective of the Anthropology of Dance). Having started as a ballroom dancer, soon moved to street dances, firstly hip hop, house, krump and ragga, then adding such styles as kuduro, afro-house, pantsula, soukous, coupé décalé or traditional dance from Guinea. Member of African Dance Revue „Mulemba”, within which she performed in the semifinals of the VI edition of the Polish Got Talent TV show.

Model, English teacher and crossfit lover.